Welcome To David Tinsley Online!


Hello, My name is David Tinsley and first and foremost I want to welcome you to Davidtinsleyonline.com. 

This site was created because I have a passion in sharing life experiences with others. Whether they be successes or the many failures, they should be shared so that others wont go through them or confirm that they are on the right track. 

You should be able to take the fast track, bypassing most of the obstacles and roadblocks. Learning from the mistakes of mines and the many others. 

For those who want to experience progress in life at abnormal levels and one day be able to look over the crowd and meet those at the top… You’re in the right place!

A Little Story About How I Got Started...

Coming up I was no shiny apple. Throughout grade school I did exactly what was needed to get the grade and get by. I was following the Western Societies Educational System. 

At the time I didn’t know but I was being trained to go to school, get good grades and then you’ll be rewarded with your good job.

Ever heard that before?

I’m sure you did. So I followed that system and at the crest of going of to college I was faced with a challenging decision to be made. I was offered a decent job at a decent salary (at least for a 17 Y/O fresh out of HS). 

The problem was if I were to accept it I would have to put that wished for college experience on hold. Scary right?

I took the job! I thought I had made it. I was making money. Was able to move away from my parents. Hangout. Buy almost whatever I wanted. Looking back on it I was living a lifestyle at 17 that 30 and 40 Y/O adults weren’t even able to live. 

But had I really made it?

One day I spoke to someone who introduced me to something that would flip my way of thinking and everything I had learned upside down. That day my life changed. 

Guess what he introduced me to…? 

To keep this short, it was reading and personal development. Wow… I thought that since I was done with school and landed a job I wouldn’t have to read another book for the rest of my life.

What’s funny is I loved it and I began to read everything I got my hands on. Reading introduced me to so many different ways of thinking and opportunities I could never have imagined.

What upset me with my present situation at the time is that I realized that I had a glass ceiling I’d never paid attention to as it concerned my income. After realizing that interesting FACT I began to sit back and think about the things that I had wanted in life. I realized that it was quite possible that after working for 40 years I might not ever even get close to receiving any of that!!!


I decided to do something different.

While that day changed my life, I didn’t immediately transform to the person I am today. Yes I Too have made mistakes. LOL! I am human. But I have learned from those mistakes. I turned them into lessons. Which is key!

Now I want to share a lot of the theory and facts that I have picked up throughout the years with hopes that you can improve in your life whatever it is that you want.

Here's How You Can Participate...


Here you will find a wealth of information on various topics in the personal development realm, finance, fitness and diet, along with many more topics that will interest you.

Sharing is caring here so thats exactly what I plan to do. I will be sharing my point of view and statistics on various things of interest to people who just want a little more out of life.

Now Im not claiming to be a motivational guru or financial expert. Im just a regular person seeking to achieve more in life and If thats what you want also, then it is a pleasure to have you here. So relax and lets get ready to take this journey together!