Ever feel like you’re trying super hard but can’t seem to move the needle?

Feel like you start things but never finish them?

Like life is a scatter of incomplete activities and unfulfilled goals. If so, this is nothing to be ashamed about. A lot of people experience these same type of feelings and get these same types of results.

The good thing is you landed here and you are about to receive the antidote to that issue. You are about to finally move the needle!

“Walk Slowly But Never Backward.”

Quote of the Day

Although this quote is small it packs a big punch and could prove very meaningful in your life. 

At the conclusion of this article you will not only look at this quote differently, but have the tools necessary to make incremental progress towards whatever your goal may be.

Enough of me rambling, lets get to the meat of this discussion.

What is this quote trying to say…

This quote is simply saying to continue to move forward. It doesn’t matter how fast you move but just keep moving. Whenever you’re trying to do something new take your time.

The key to making progress is to achieve incremental improvement. Just remember Its not a race its a marathon.   

Don’t Worry About Mistakes

Don’t worry about the mistakes that you make because mistake are inevitable. It is very important that you remember that you will make mistakes. Especially if you are trying something new.

The objective here is not perfection. The objective is to DO something, make mistakes, learn from them and then try it again. Experience all your mistakes and failures early so that the answers to how to optimize whatever you are doing will quickly begin to reveal themselves.

Your slow pace will begin to speed up because you are moving toward your goal efficiently.

Take Small Steps Forward…

Take small steps forward. Make mistakes. Regroup. And keep going.

“Inch by Inch Any Things a Cinch.”

Moving too fast too soon could cause you to stop. Now there is nothing wrong with stopping and taking a rest so that you can keep going. But not to stop and sit idle..

Idleness is fertile ground for complacency and failure.

You take too much time off and the next thing you know one day has gone pass. Then a week. Then a month and then a year. Now you have moved backward.

Going back to what we are trying so hard to get away from is what we want to prevent from happening. There’s No Turning Back Now! So lets keep moving forward slowly but surely, one step at a time. 

What Does Moving Slow Mean?

Moving slow means to find your pace. Your pace should ensure victory in a decent amount of time as it pertains to you.

Don’t worry about anybody else and what they are doing! Just do you.

Goals should be set to influence daily progress and to hold you accountable. Write one paragraph a day the first week. Move on to two paragraphs the next week. Then three. Then four. Then a page!

You get the point…

Just keep progressing.

Please Be Honest With Yourself

An important thing for you to do when doing this is to be honest with yourself. Not being honest with yourself about what you need to do and what you are actually doing will only hurt YOU in the long run.

Move slow at your pace without cheating yourself. Don’t set your goal so low that it doesn’t drive you. Or that you don’t feel pain. You won’t reach your goal that way. Pain is good.

“No Pain No Gain.”

Ever heard that before?

Continually stretch yourself. Did you know that when lifting weights you are actually tearing your muscles apart and that your new gained strength comes from the muscle putting itself back together. Better and stronger.

Beware Of Burnout…

Burning out could be caused by simply doing too much too soon.

Please be aware of the burnout!

Doing too much too soon is a for sure way to deplete your motivation, which is vital to this process.

Don’t fall into the trap which so many people do. They set a new goal and go all out on day one and maybe day two and then they take an extended rest period! (The backward slide begins).

Ever seen that before? Right… What I’m trying to say is don’t be a one hit wonder!

It’s Time To Regroup

If you get tired or mentally exhausted its time to regroup. There’s nothing worse than starting something and not completing it.

When you leave things undone it brings about thoughts of failure, questions of whether the specific goal is possible for you or not. Guilt arises and you unconsciously thwart your progress. You stop!

You begin to associate the task with pain and failure. You’re either thinking about how hard it was to do or how you felt when you didn’t complete it.

Or maybe you began to compare yourself to others who were successful and begin to feel a little embarrassed. None of these feelings feel good do they?

Which is why you REGROUP, and start again as soon as possible. Dust yourself off and try Again!

You may just need to slow your pace a little. Do whatever you need to to keep moving forward.

Gather up some small successes. “Success begets success” no matter how big or small the success is. After that success you will begin to feel good about yourself, energized, ready to do it again or conquer the next task.

Just keep inching up slowly but surely remaining persistent and consistent with your regimen. Thats how you level up!

Time To Level Up…

Consistent leveling up will cause you to fall in love with the process, which is key!

Forget about the result. The process that got you there is more important. Knowing the process is what will allow you to go back and refine your actions to get better and better results.

After incrementally leveling up you’ll look back in surprise of where you started. Huge goals of the past, will now be small goals in the future.

This is the point when you’ll continuously get asked the question “So how’d you do it?” And you can say “I Moved Slow and I Never went backward!”


Now that you’ve reached your goals as a result of following this outline the goal is not to stop or stagnate. Keep it moving. Go higher and higher. REMEMBER… The goal is to never move BACKWARD!

Thank You for reading this article. Hope you enjoyed.

Don’t forget… This is only one Point of View of this Quote. Feel free to drop your opinion in the comments. And hey… Why not see what YOUR friends have to say about it. Feel free to share the link on your social medias.

Also if you know where this quote came from drop it in the comments. BE GREAT!

“Move Slow But Never Backwards”



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